Friday, January 19, 2007

There's so much I can bitch and complain about right now, but for once, I'm not really in the mood. Although, I can say that I'm sort of broke right now. Cry. I want to buy books and comic books.

Anyways, last night I was out with some people I went to Japan with. We ate tonkatsu and walked around Sawtelle Ave-- which is the "new Little Tokyo" of L.A., so to speak. It was fun. The guys seem to be deprived of good Japanese grocery stores and spent a lot of time exploring the little supa in the area, squealing at all the food we used to see in Japan.

I really want to go to Las Vegas with Missy, but now I don't think I'll have the money, really, or the time... I need to kick back before my trip to Washington D.C. and I've never been a big fan of Las Vegas anyways. Of course, the only time I was there was when I was younger and couldn't really do anything but play at the arcades. I would go again some time, but not now. I don't feel like partying much. It tires me out, even though I always have fun when I go out and do things that are not typical of me.

Plus, school beckons my attention. When I graduate, I'll let loose-- but right now, it's too hard to play when school and work are eating a big chunk of my time.

Even though I don't believe in wasting too much time on cosplay and ridiculous things like that, I do want to have some time to work on costumes still. I should start thinking about what costumes I want to wear for AX. I have one or two costume for sure right now, but there's still three more days of the con I don't have plans for! XD Haha!


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