Thursday, October 05, 2006

I have to keep spending under control for the next couple of months or so. X_X I've been shopping and spending way too much. I still have a wish list though, about a mile long. It includes:

- light blue, skinny jeans
- skinny black pants
- leopard print jacket coming out in Target GO International line-up
- Samurai Champloo volume 7
- Fullmetal Alchemist DVDs
- Star Wars movie DVDs
- Advent Children DVD
- pink Playstation 2, slimline
- Nintendo DS games
- a whole bunch of DVDs
- fabric for cosplay

I think the clothes can wait till Christmas-- I can ask my mom for them as Christmas gifts. XD Fabric for cosplay can wait till winter vacation too, since I won't have time to work on costumes till break. The DVDs are an ongoing struggle in my life, I swear. I keep buying them, but a lot of times I don't ever watch most of them. I keep telling myself I shouldn't buy any more since I never have time to watch... but I do anyways. I have all three different sets of the Lord of the Rings DVDs. Well... that's just obsessive though. Haha!

Anyways. Here's a new sketch.


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