Tuesday, October 31, 2006

It's Halloween time! I like this holiday a lot, but I never get to properly celebrate it. I wished I had a costume to wear and a place to go to with it. Unfortunately, the time before Halloween is always full of school and other such things, that there is no room for making a costume. I refuse to buy crappy expensive costumes in those plastic bags. XD

At work, we have Flo as a sexy Strawberry Shortcake, Brian as a Pirate, Carl as sexy Batgirl, and Ben-Joseph as Nightcrawler. I found it funny that Ben-Joseph was trying to freak me out with his contacts-- although they were cool... if I can sit in a comic book or anime convention where middle-aged men run around as Japanese school girls, or girls misjudge their bodies and think wearing thongs in public is perfectly okay... the only thing that makes me excited now-a-days at conventions are the sight of an actual GOOD costumer. That is a rare site to see. :P

Not that I declare myself a perfect and awesome cosplayer-- hardly! I at least take the time to make something that would look decent and that I would look okay in.

Anyways, before I get into a random cosplay tangent e_e

I hope I don't overdo the candy binge today. So far, there hasn't been much free candy lying around at work, so I think I'll be okay.

I couldn't stop eating the twix bars at home though. Baaaaaaaaad. X_X


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