Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Things to do:

- Printmaking project. I hope I calculated my studio work days and enough free time for this one. HOOO BOY. Hands on traditional art can be so much fun, but it's also very unpredictable. If only I had a real life DELETE button that works on everything.

- finalize Design projects. Meh. I really can't talk much about this class without getting incredibly bitter so I'll stop there.

- Sketches for an audition for a character design job. I get paid for the sketches I turn in even if they don't take the sketches... I think. I better double check on that! It'll be cool if they pick my design though. This is due December 1, so I better get cracking.

- Character design for Mike's final video game project. This shouldn't be too hard. I might try and just get this done this weekend.

- Catch up on readings for classes. Especially for art history class... sometime before the final anyways.

- Public art class homework. Group project and response to last walking tour. Ugh. I hate this class a whole lot too.

- update comic o_o; I'm stuck on the page I'm working on though.... T_T Argh.

All right. Now back to work-- as in, my actual, regularly paid work. I'm starting to think I'm retarded for working so many hours a week while I'm still a full time student. Most kids work less than 10 hours a week... I'm chugging out at least 20 hours per week. Yeah. I'm retarded. X_X Maybe I should take it easy next semester. Maybe. e_e I do like getting paid. D:


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