Saturday, December 09, 2006

It seems I am currently slightly insomniac. X_X; I can't fall asleep. It was the same last night, but I somehow tricked myself into thinking I got a full sleep and was alive and well during my exam in the morning.

Now that I don't have any responsibilities or plans for tomorrow besides getting one last final project done... I decided to give into the insomnia and just stay up until my body decided to conk out.

I'm not quite sure what to do. Maybe put on a movie and sketch?

I'm a little hungry too, but I'm trying not to eat at random hours and gain unecessary fat.

It sucks staying up with nothing to do though, because a lot of things just seem to pile up in my little head. Thinking too much is never fun, it seems.

Today, I went to the mall after my exam and TOTALLY splurged. I bought some new clothes and playstation games. I can't spend anything on myself anymore until I get the Christmas gifts for everyone else out of the way. Damn. Oh well... it's not like I really need anymore clothes.


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