Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Sometimes, I miss when my NANA community had less than 20 members and most of them were the Italian fans. I miss those days whenever I see the idiots posting X_X I mean, for the most part, the fandom has been pretty cool... but still. I hate big fandoms and I hate it when the idiots find their way in! But I guess it can't be a fandom unless there's idiots running around. Oh my poor NANA... I used to wish there were more people familiar with the series... now I take that back!!!

Vacation time has been taken over by work and getting holiday stuff done. Still have a whole bunch of things to send to people. Still have a few things to make to send to people.

Been eating a lot of baked goods that keeps showing up in the office. Not good! Just when I'm loosing a little bit of weight. Last night, I tried on a Chinese-style dressed I've had for awhile and I never wear because A) it's kinda tacky looking and not my style at all and B) it used to be tight on me. Now it's loose on me... which made me HAPPY! All my pants have been a little loose on me. Though I think the holidays may change that once I start stuffing my face with Filipino food and everything else. Not to mention, we're planning another Todai (a Japanese buffet) trip for my friend's boyfriend's birthday.

I gotta get back to my "excercise"-- which pretty much consists of me dancing around my room for a half an hour a day. XD

Friday, December 15, 2006

The temptation to blog is great when one is bored at work. Good thing I am still an office monkey and no one really cares what I do here on company time as long as I get the job done in the end. Besides, I really don't think anyone has the ability to sit for 8 hours straight just going through old, and sometimes moldy, files. If anyone can do that, then I am impressed... and worried about their mental health.

Tonight, I contemplate calling up an old friend and seeing if they are free to hang out after I get off work. The urge is fading though... my social urges are taking a dive again. It's weird. I really want to do a lot of things and go to places and see things; but my instincts to stay away from people puts a halt on all that. I don't know what it is about being around people that I find so generally tiring no matter how much I like being around them.

Especially out here.

Maybe it's the thought of driving around in L.A. traffic that feed my anti-social tendencies.

Oh well. I'll make up for it after Christmas when all my buddies are done with finals for sure and things start hopping.

I'm looking forward to eating lunch today. It's Friday, so we get free food here at work. In the past, the food alternated between pizza and El Pollo Loco (bleah)-- but now, someone else is in charge of the food so we've been getting exciting stuff. Last week, we had barbeque. This week, it's from some place that specializes in chicken. So it'll be chicken and a bunch of side dishes. I loooooooooove side dishes...

Yes. I know. I seriously don't have anything exciting happening in my life which is why I'm blantering about food at work... X_X ~LOSER~

I am pretty hungry right now though. One more hour till lunch time...

Saturday, December 09, 2006

It seems I am currently slightly insomniac. X_X; I can't fall asleep. It was the same last night, but I somehow tricked myself into thinking I got a full sleep and was alive and well during my exam in the morning.

Now that I don't have any responsibilities or plans for tomorrow besides getting one last final project done... I decided to give into the insomnia and just stay up until my body decided to conk out.

I'm not quite sure what to do. Maybe put on a movie and sketch?

I'm a little hungry too, but I'm trying not to eat at random hours and gain unecessary fat.

It sucks staying up with nothing to do though, because a lot of things just seem to pile up in my little head. Thinking too much is never fun, it seems.

Today, I went to the mall after my exam and TOTALLY splurged. I bought some new clothes and playstation games. I can't spend anything on myself anymore until I get the Christmas gifts for everyone else out of the way. Damn. Oh well... it's not like I really need anymore clothes.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I want nothing more than to go back to Japan and be in one of my favorite cities in the world, Tokyo. Just hitting up Marui One in Shinjuku; walking up and down Takeshita doori in Harajuku; hunting down NANA merchandise. If I had stayed in Japan, I could be gleefully sitting in my borrowed bedroom, counting down the days when I can get my booty to a movie theater and watch NANA 2 with some friends.

I want nothing more than to have some inspiration to be creative right now. To pick up a pencil and draw something I would be happy with.

I want nothing more than to have warmer hands right now.

I want nothing more than to feel... okay.

I want nothing more than to be finished with my finals already, and just never look back on this school semester.

I want nothing more than to learn how to care more.

I want nothing more than to have all my friends feel great with life.

I want nothing more than creamy, creammmyyyy pumpkin pie. Or maybe some chocolate mousse pie.... o_o

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