Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Sometimes, I miss when my NANA community had less than 20 members and most of them were the Italian fans. I miss those days whenever I see the idiots posting X_X I mean, for the most part, the fandom has been pretty cool... but still. I hate big fandoms and I hate it when the idiots find their way in! But I guess it can't be a fandom unless there's idiots running around. Oh my poor NANA... I used to wish there were more people familiar with the series... now I take that back!!!

Vacation time has been taken over by work and getting holiday stuff done. Still have a whole bunch of things to send to people. Still have a few things to make to send to people.

Been eating a lot of baked goods that keeps showing up in the office. Not good! Just when I'm loosing a little bit of weight. Last night, I tried on a Chinese-style dressed I've had for awhile and I never wear because A) it's kinda tacky looking and not my style at all and B) it used to be tight on me. Now it's loose on me... which made me HAPPY! All my pants have been a little loose on me. Though I think the holidays may change that once I start stuffing my face with Filipino food and everything else. Not to mention, we're planning another Todai (a Japanese buffet) trip for my friend's boyfriend's birthday.

I gotta get back to my "excercise"-- which pretty much consists of me dancing around my room for a half an hour a day. XD


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