Sunday, March 11, 2007

I'm feeling slightly miffed today, because I realized that I've turned into the person that everyone else can call up and ask to do things with, and I'll say yes for the most part because I want to do things with my friends. Then when I want to do something and want/need company, no one ever seems to be available to do what I want. Which is dumb to think about, especially since people do have good reasons to not go and do things with me. I understand completely that everyone is busy/don't want to spend money/etc.-- but after a good while, it gets a little annoying XP I need to stop saying yes to people. I could have saved so much money, or could have done what I wanted to in the first place.

I love being with my friends, and I do have fun every time I go out with them... but I rather get used to doing things on my own-- when it usually comes down to that in the end. So, no more going out for me for good while. I'm more at ease by myself, and I can have more time to draw and things like that.

I had this sudden middle schooler mentality of wishing I had that ONE friend I can always call up and hang out with. Though I gave up that notion a long time ago when I realized my taste on things to do will never match up with anyone else. XD WHY AM I WEIRD?! I'M A LONER T_T

It's just harder to do things alone in L.A. and such... first off all, it's not really safe ~_~ Second off, I think people DO notice when you're out by yourself. I think that's why I miss Tokyo a lot. I could do things by myself and I wouldn't stand out or feel unsafe.


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